What others say about Carla’s coaching?

Below you find some anonymous reviews of former clients. This will give you an idea of my coaching style and results. In the Netherlands coaching testimonials are usually anonymous. I hope to be showing her some referrals from non-anonymous clients soon.

Before you read on, you might want to stop for a second and consider what you find important in a coach. Imagine ‘future you’ would write a positive referral, what would it say?

I have experienced Carla’s coaching as very stimulating. I regained clarity about my talents and strengths. I feel like I can really just be me. My vitality has returned. People respond to me differently, more positive, now.

Carla’s style of communicating is clear, precise and empathetic.

Carla’s feedback hit home every time. For me, this is a sign that Carla has a very strong intuitive power. I am positively surprised by the progress we’ve made in only six sessions.

I did find our sessions quite intense and emotional at times. But this was necessary to get to the depth of my issues.

I am very happy I have chosen Carla to work with. I will definitely recommend her to others.

Our sessions really helped me pull through. It’s like as if you were holding the fort for me. This gave me the strength I needed to go forth.

I found a job, sooner then I had ever held possible. So, yeah, thanks for that. You were so helpful I wish I had the means to pay for more sessions.

In a difficult period in my life, Carla offered me a place where I could explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me discover new possibilities and find direction. Because of our conversations I became aware (again) of the things that matter to me. She made it legitimate for me to be myself. No matter what.

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